Student Engagement

Please see below for a non-exhaustive list of community engagement opportunities at P&S. Join like-minded students who want to make a difference.

Office of University Life Opportunities:

Please visit for more info on joining the Gender-based Misconduct Prevention Task Force and the Task Force on Race, Ethnicity and Inclusion.

P&S Club

Please visit for more information about clubs and events offered through the Columbia P&S Club.

Student-led Opportunities:

Breaking The Silence Discussion Series (contact Denzel Woode for more info, drw2118)

What is Breaking the Silence?  

It’s a discussion series that covers issues of discrimination that many experience in the education and practice of medicine.  We want Breaking the Silence to provide a space where our classmates can feel comfortable talking about these issues and engaging one another in a respectful and open manner. Our hope is that structured conversations will provide us with a more holistic view of the opinions and experiences of our peers, increase our understanding of other backgrounds and cultures, and foster a stronger sense of community.  We want to bring awareness to the fact that the discrimination and microaggressions experienced by our peers are not unique to any single group.  Lastly, we want that awareness to prepare us and augment our growth as future healthcare providers.

Each session in Breaking the Silence will have an overarching theme related to
discrimination and social bias serving as the basis for discussion.  To augment these themes and jumpstart conversations within the group, we will select relevant media (short articles, writing excerpts, and video clips) and prepare discussion questions before each session.  Lastly, we will allot some time at the end of each session to discuss current events related to the general topic of discrimination.

White Coats for Black Lives

“Over the next two months, members of White Coats for Black Lives will be identifying and learning about the ways in which our medical institutions utilize racism for their own profit, through the de facto racial segregation of patient care.  This will culminate on February 1, 2017, the 56th anniversary of the first lunch counter sit-ins by North Carolina A&T students, with protests demanding that our institutions create anti-racist policies to address the unequal access and quality of care that our patients of color receive.” – Denzel Woode, P&S 2019

To get involved, please contact Andrew Sudler, MS1, Brandon Mogrovejo, MS1, or Gabriella Puente, MS1