Shadowing Opportunities

Transplant pager:

Schedule – For any questions, email Caroline Bank (

MI pager:

Contact Averill Guo (adg2183) or Connie Wang (xw2382)

Surgery shadowing:

Email Ms. Doris Leddy (, and she will send you a couple of available dates to watch a renal transplant

Spend a day with a surgeon – contact any of these physicians


OR shadowing – Sign up sheet for questions ask Sam Antoine (

Emergency Medicine Interest Group:

Monthly sign up sheet – Ask for Dr Van if confused/lost

Peds ED – sign up for a 4 hr slot, wear scrubs and white coat

PICU – sign up for a one hour slot, always Thursdays 1-2pm. Do not show up late. Ask for bedside rounds and/or Dr Hum. Professional attire and white coat required.

Pediatrics Sign up sheet – for questions email Ashley White-Stern ( or Joshua Craft (

Adult Oncology:

Sign up sheet – questions to Emily Harris (

Pediatric Oncology:

Sign up sheet – questions to Emily Harris (


Sign up sheet – Weekend morning in the OR in Milstein, more information (from the coordinator Dr. Curry – – who has access to the google doc) will be sent to you regarding where and when to show up.  Generally, the day begins at 8am and ends when you choose to leave (usually around 12pm-1pm). Questions to Karina Somohano (


Sign up sheet – Questions to Stephanie Colello (

Labor and Delivery:

Sign up sheet – For questions, contact Tracy Bank ( or Etoro Ekpe (