Class Compliment – 1/19/2017

Victoria Perez: Was in a stressfully-confusing pharmacology small group session the other day, and the student next to me said, “Man, I could use a Victoria-hug right now.” Shoutout to Victoria for giving such love-filled, healing hugs. (Even BETTER than DRUGS!!!)
You’re a caring and positive person, and talking to you puts me in a good mood.
You are such a calm and elegant person.
Legit one of the best natured people here and probably that I’ve ever met. I’ve not once had a conversation with you that didn’t lift my mood. You’re kind, intelligent, beautiful, and just so graceful! You’re the kind of person that would let a friend chat your ear off for an hour about a problem they had even if you desperately had an appointment to catch and you wouldn’t mention a thing or make them feel like you were in a rush. You are selfless and gracious and I’m happy we became friends. Also, you’re quite the baller =) keep doing you!!