Tutorials – Group Formation Reminder

Dear Students,
This email is a gentle reminder that Tutorials group information must be submitted by January 9th at 3:00pm. Use this form to submit your group information.
We encourage you to submit your group information as soon as possible. We will randomly assign student groups on a rolling basis to either Monday or Thursday sessions for the first section of the course (PE-101: Feb to mid-March) where you learn the physical exam. The sooner you submit your group information the sooner you will find out your calendar for February and early March. Please note, your assigned day of the week is subject to change after mid-March, when we transition to the bedside sessions.  
Due to scheduling restrictions, certain student groups will automatically be placed onto the following days: 
-MSS/RAPS placed on Mondays
-MD/PHD placed on Thursdays
-Brown Scholars placed on Thursdays
We look forward to working with you! Please be in touch if you have any questions or concerns.
Sara V. Wilson
Course Coordinator, Foundations of Clinical Medicine – Tutorials